Friday, 6 October 2017

WhatsApp Business 0.0.58 APK Download by WhatsApp Inc

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WhatsApp Business 0.0.58 APK Download by WhatsApp Inc

[Update: APK Download] First look at WhatsApp Business: Android app, landline number registration, and multiple accounts options

Although we've been hearing about WhatsApp Business forever, the service was officially announced one month ago and if you paid close attention to the FAQ page, you would have seen a survey where you could sign up to test WhatsApp Business. I totally missed that, but reader Hüseyin Filiz applied and thanks to him, we have our first look at WhatsApp Business.

The service is still in testing, so WhatsApp is asking for feedback from early testers regarding account setup, data migration from their existing WhatsApp app, automatic responses, and analytics.

Managing Personal and Business accounts

The app will be a standalone listing on the Play Store so it will make things easier for account managers who want to separate between their personal and business conversations. WhatsApp explains how to manage these two accounts depending on a few scenarios. If you're a small business and you're intrigued about how things will work, I suggest you read the details in the slide below.
The most intriguing to me is landline phone number support. As far as I can tell, WhatsApp doesn't support that now, so it's amazing to see it coming. Many of my patients/customers want to reach me over WhatsApp and so far I've had to give them my personal mobile number. It may be a hassle to migrate those back to the landline number, but at least I can give new customers the landline number and avoid them messaging me on my personal number.
The ability to install both apps simultaneously should be very welcome to small business owners like me who have often received work notifications at night, or who are always at a loss of what to do when friends rain on them with messages during work hours or when clients ping them continuously during closing hours. Having the personal and business chats separate in two apps should reduce the headache of all that management.

Android app

The Android app can be found on the Play Store at this link. You likely won't be able to see it because you need to be a Beta tester and that is still a private beta testing program. It has the same icon as WhatsApp, but the phone icon is replaced by a big letter B - check the image at the top of this post to see it.
Once downloaded, the app looks the same as WhatsApp, save for one change: the title bar says WhatsApp Business. There are tabs for your camera (and thus the fancy image status), chats, status, and calls. It's all standard fare. The changes will start appearing when you head into Settings. There you'll find two new sections for Business settings and Statistics.

You can't download WhatsApp Business right now (and neither can we) but you can sign up to test it here. Once you do, and if you're lucky enough to be accepted in the test, you should find the app on the Play Store at this address.

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